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The Moore and Tolias ( Laboratories at Stanford University are seeking candidates for a joint postdoctoral opportunity aimed at exploring the neural algorithms and mechanisms underlying visual perception and cognition in nonhuman primates. 


This distinctive role combines large-scale, multi-area neural recordings using Neuropixels with cognitive tasks, advanced AI tools, and closed-loop experimental methods. We are in search of a driven researcher committed to contributing to a multidisciplinary research program that connects extensive electrophysiological recordings across multiple areas with machine learning. The focus is on unraveling cognitive and perceptual algorithms in primates. The ideal applicant will possess a solid background in systems neuroscience and quantitative skills, with a special emphasis on machine learning. This position promises a vibrant and cooperative atmosphere within laboratories renowned for their expertise in mechanisms of perception and cognition, pioneering neural recording techniques and the application of AI in neuroscience research. Our labs are committed to career development and actively support diversity in science. 


Please send your CV and research interest statement to: Camila Lopez

Graduate Students

 If you are a Stanford graduate student looking for a lab, please email Dr. Moore to set up a time to meet. If you are looking for a graduate position and you are not at Stanford already, you will need to apply to the Stanford Neurosciences PhD program.


If you are a Stanford undergraduate, please send Dr. Moore an email with your prior experience and your transcript (unofficial is fine) and we can arrange to meet or talk on the phone. 

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